Shark Tale / Game Boy Advance

As a Lead Animator, I have rigged skinned and animated all the characters in this game. Activision's game version of DREAMWORKS SHARK TALE film allows players to relive the motion picture and interact with all their favorite characters. The game contains many different types of gameplay, including fighting, exploring, dancing, racing, and action levels. Players take on the role of Oscar, a poor fish whose get-rich-quick schemes never seem to work. Oscar owes a loan shark 5,000 clams, and he's supposed to sell an heirloom to pay it off. Instead, he bets on a race. He loses, and soon the loan shark's son Lenny is after him. When Oscar and Lenny meet, however, they find themselves becoming fast friends. Lenny hatches a plan to get Oscar the fame and fortune he needs: Oscar will beat up Lenny and become known as the shark slayer. The plan goes downhill, of course, and getting Oscar out of it and other situations will require players to overcome a variety of different levels. The game tells the story of the film through a series of cut scenes as players swim, sneak, race, and fight their way through 25 levels. Even the moments in the movie when Oscar breaks into song are represented by a series of pattern-matching mini-games. Players of all ages will enjoy SHARK TALE, although the GBA version of the game is aimed at younger players than the console version. The variety of games and the hilarious characters make SHARK TALE a great game for everyone. Release Date: September 27, 2004 E for Everyone: Cartoon Violence Genre: Action Publisher: Activision Developer: Vicarious Visions

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