Crash-Bandicoot-Purple / Nintendo GBA

As a Lead Animator, I have rigged skinned and animated all the characters in this game. For Crash Bandicoot's fourth outing on the Game Boy Advance, Vivendi Univeral once again went to Vicarious Visions (the development studio responsible for the previous three Crash games) for Crash Bandicoot Purple, a slight departure from the standard and familiar Crash platform design. Crash Bandicoot Purple is only similar to the previous Crash games initially. While the different realms feature platforming elements to get from point-to-point, the real focus is in its multitude of challenges. There are dozens upon dozens of mini-games scattered throughout Crash Bandicoot Purple that involve distinctly different gameplay elements; some require Crash to zip through an area with a jetpack, tank, or innertube. Others require a lot more quick reflexes in a sheep-blasting challenge or a weightlifting competition. Release Date: Jun 1, 2004 E for Everyone: Cartoon Violence Genre: Platformer Publisher: Vivendi Games Developer: Vicarious Visions

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